Sabbath Brainstorming

After my last post (below), I’ve been continuing to think about how to live out the “saying yes” part of Sabbath. When we rest from our regular labors, how can we actively and intentionally live in communion with God. I’m more-than-partially indebted to this article from InterVarsity as well as Mark Labberton’s The Dangerous Act of Worshipped (mentioned below) for getting me thinking in this direction.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Spend time in silence actively listening to God.
  2. Read a book of the Bible, or an extended portion of one, straight through.
  3. Memorize a verse of Scripture.
  4. Write a prayer or psalm.
  5. Pray with a friend.
  6. Appreciate God’s creation by hiking.
  7. Appreciate the fruit of the earth by visiting a new restaurant or…
  8. by visiting a winery or brewery.
  9. Appreciate the creative beauty God gives to people by visiting an art gallery or museum or…
  10. … by seeing a play/musical/film.
  11. Be transformed by the renewing of my mind by reading a book or…
  12. … by attending a lecture.
  13. Appreciate the body God’s given me by exercising. (I actually started combining 3 and 10. I run several times per week and when I do, I chant verses from a psalm, adding a new verse each time I run.)
  14. Appreciate the people God has put in my life by spending time with family or friends or…
  15. … reconnecting with someone I’ve lost touch with.

Obviously there’s a lot more that could be added to this, and in addition to actually doing these things as intentional spiritual practices, I also want to keep expanding the list. Any suggestions?


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