New Blog Title!

So, I was never really satisfied with my previous blog title “scenes from my race.” When I was putting the blog together, I couldn’t think of anything else, so I went with it. Last night, though, I began studying the Psalms with the help of Patrick Henry Reardon’s book Christ in the Psalms. The book introduced me to a delightful Hebrew word “hawgooth.” The word carries several meanings including “meditation” and “musing,” which pretty much sums up my blog posts. The word can also mean “groaning” or “lamentation,” which for the most part doesn’t describe my blog posts, but I suppose it’s nice to have that kind of “emotional bandwidth” in my blog title just in case…

I should also point out that I made the title in the Hebrew plural, but the word never appears in the plural in the Old Testament, and I’m really rusty on my Hebrew. So, if making “hawgooth” a plural requires anything other than adding the feminine plural ending, then “hawgoothoth” probably isn’t an actual Hebrew word and the title of the blog would mean absolutely nothing. Hear’s hoping I’m right… Any Hebrew scholars out there?


2 thoughts on “New Blog Title!

  1. I think “Hawgoothoth” sounds a lot more weird and mysterious than the previous title. If it isn’t an actual Hebrew word, that only adds to the appeal. In fact, “Hawgooths” would be just as good, in my opinion.

    “Christ in the Psalms” is an awesome book. I just used it yesterday for my next sermon…on Luke.

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