Looking back: My Top 10 Posts of the Past Year

For those of you unfamiliar with WordPress, it has a feature for its users called “blog stats.” Basically, it just tells you how many hits your blog gets, and how people find your blog (links clicked and search terms). A part of the feature I like to look at a lot is the “Top Posts and Pages” section. It basically just tells you which of your blog posts are receiving the most traffic. Since it’s the start of a new year, I thought it would be fun to see which of my posts received the most hits in the past year. So, without any further adieu  here are my top 10 posts of 2009.

10: Reflections on Praying the Rosary (Kind Of…)

I wrote this post this past summer after spending a week praying the rosary daily… kind of. As I mentioned then, I substituted the “Hail Mary…”s for the Jesus Prayer. I’m really glad I wrote this post, because the experience of praying the rosary was one of the most significant spiritual experiences for me in 2009, and it’s good to be able to go back and read what I found helpful. I also just recently had a friend tell me that he had read this post and found it helpful too, so much so that he now uses prayer beads on a regular basis. Being told that served as a good reminder that our own spiritual practices can serve to bless others as well.

9: Prayer: How Specific Should Our Prayers Be?

This was a post I wrote in September as a part of a series of posts on prayer. I wrote it in a time when I was convicted that I needed to pray to God with more specific requests. What I find most interesting about rereading this post now is that this conviction was God beginning a work in me that he’s continued through the year. Most recently at Urbana in hear the talk by Sunder Krishnan.

8: An Optimistic Skepticism: My Take On the Manhattan Declaration

This post was written late in 2009 – in December. But it got a ton of hits when I first posted it, mostly from friends/followers on Facebook and Twitter clicking the link in my status update. It hasn’t been long since I wrote this post, but I’m still skeptical about this document and have not signed it, and have less and less desire to do so. Frankly, signing a declaration like this just seems wimpy. The writers of the document begin by claiming a great heritage of faithful saints who acted radically and counter-culturally in the past. Ironically, they chose not to mention in that heritage Christians who met in councils and drafted and signed documents…

7: The Witness of Tipping

I wrote this post back in November, but I can’t remember clearly what motivated me to write it. I think I just had a random conversation with someone about the subject. At any rate, this post didn’t receive to many hits at first, but then about a month later a food service blog that gets a lot of traffic published a post on tipping, and mine was listed as a “related post.” The most significant thing about this post is that a comment from my friend Lindsay made on it inspired me to write another post that just happens to be #6 on the list…

6: The Gospel According to the Joneses: Christianity and the Middle Class

This post has the distinction of also be the post the generated the most comments on my blog this year, especially if you include the comments posted on the feed in my Facebook profile. I’m also personally proud of the title of this post. I personally think it would make a great book title, and the topic is certainly provocative enough to generate a book on the subject. At any rate, the comments that the post generated made me realize that I probably wrote this way too quickly, as the comments pointed out some stuff I hadn’t thought of. But that’s the beauty of the blogosphere.

5: Lifting Hands in Worship

I posted this back in October while reading from Patrick Henry Reardon’s, Christ in the Psalms. It actually has no original content; it’s just a quote from Reardon that I found helpful. It keeps getting a lot of hits, though, through search engines. Apparently a lot of people want to know why Christians lift their hands!

4: How Presbyterian Should Presbyterian Campus Ministry Be?

I wrote this post as a part of Presbyterian “Bloggers Unite” day that our Moderator, Bruce Reyes-Chow put together, which is probably why it received so many hits. The assigned topic for the day was Presbyterian College Ministry, a somewhat difficult topic for me because I’ve never participated in such a ministry in college, and don’t think that denominational-emphasis is helpful in college ministry.

3: The Homosexuality Debate: Are We Completely Missing the Point?

I wrote this post over a year and a half ago in June of 2008, but it continues to get a lot of hits, mainly through search engines. I wrote it around the time of the PC(USA)’s General Assembly, and still firmly believe what I wrote then. Our denomination won’t come to any united conclusions about homosexuality (or abortion, or any other controversial issue) until we first come to united conclusions on biblical authority and theological method.

2: Worship Styles: What Dance is the Church Teaching?

I wrote this back in June after having two great worship experiences in two settings I’m not used to: a conservative Reformed church that sings only Psalms acapella, and a Roman Catholic church. This post also generated a lot of comments, but I think it also disappoints a lot of people who read it. The reason it’s gotten so many hits is because search engines list it as a result when people search for things like “dancing in worship.” Unfortunately, this post has nothing to say about that, and only uses dance as an analogy.

1: The Lord is a Warrior

I wrote this post back in the summer of 2008, but it still received more hits in 2009 than anything that I actually posted this year. In fact, in 2009 alone it received nearly 4,000 hits, which is huge for my measly blog that probably averages no more that 25 hits a day. The post is just a brief reflection I had while reading the story of Samson in Judges, but that has nothing to do with why it’s received so many hits. The only reason this post is so popular is that I included a picture of the WWF wrestler The Ultimate Warrior. And now if you do an image search for The Ultimate Warrior, my this blog post is one of the first results you’ll find. You’d be surprised how many people look for pictures of him.


2 thoughts on “Looking back: My Top 10 Posts of the Past Year

  1. I hadn’t read your post on homosexuality and the church before today, but I think you absolutely, absolutely hit the nail on the head. It was this very issue that led me, years ago, to begin re-examining everything I had ever believed/assumed about the authority of Scripture and/or its cultural contexts.

    … prompted, I might add, by a research paper for Dr. Smith’s Modern Civ. class.

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