Two Urbana Videos You Should Watch

I finally figured out how to post videos from Urbana directly to my blog. (Yes, I’m a bit technologically challenge.)

I could easily post 20 Urbana videos that I thought were helpful, but that would just be overwhelming. You can check out all of the Urbana videos and talks here. Here are the two talks from Urbana that had the largest impact on me:

Oscar Muriu on Money and Power

Oscar Muriu is the pastor of Nairobi Chapel in Kenya. Oscar’s talk at Urbana was prophetic. To say I enjoyed this talk would be a lie. Being freshly convicted of ways in which I”m failing to be Christ-like is simply not enjoyable. I think ever every Christian in the West, especially pastors and missionaries, need to hear Oscar’s words. What I took from this talk was the conviction to think of the incarnation less in terms of similarity and more in terms of humility. Oscar points out that the significance of Christ’s incarnation is in the giving up of his status and privilege, and calls the Church to the same attitude.

Sunder Krisnan on Prayer

What I took from Sunder’s talk is that I pray like a wimp. The example’s he gives of praying out of time spent in Scripture is both inspiring and challenging.


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