A Blessed Interruption

It had been a long day today. It was dinner time, and I still had a sermon for Sunday to begin work on, prep work for a Bible study tomorrow evening, and some details to iron out for the screening of At the End of Slavery. So, I walked down to Pizza Amier, ordered dinner, and headed over to the Upper Room office. As I ate my dinner, I started to ‘set up shop’ to begin working with the Hebrew text of Jonah 3 (my text for this Sunday). Then came an interruption.

Two Upper Room folks came through the door. It was time for the prayer meeting. I had forgotten about that. My plans for a quiet, productive evening in my office were thwarted… by prayer. Soon, there were five of us sitting in a circle sharing life together. Since this group was the initiative of others in Upper Room, I intentionally tried to remain quiet. As the five of us prayed together though, I began to realize that this was one of the most spiritually intimate experiences I’ve had since starting work on the Upper Room.

I felt blessed by this interruption. Not only because it slowed me down in the midst of a busy day. But also because it made me realize that the Upper Room is growing beyond me and beyond Chris. This group is meeting to pray on their own initiative, whether Chris or I are there or not. It’s a blessing to know that even if I stop, the community at the Upper Room will continue to develop. A great end to a long day.


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