Blogging Daily Prayer

To know my ministry is to know that I love writing liturgies. Taking time to write the liturgies that we use in Upper Room’s Sunday worship is consistently near the top of my favorite parts of my work. Over the past several months, I’ve felt a strong leading to create a cycle of liturgies for use in daily prayer. Published or not, the result will hopefully be a complete year-long (or maybe multi-year?) cycle of liturgies for every day of the week.

I’ve entertained this idea for a while, but have resisted moving forward. “The world already has hundreds of prayer books.” I told myself. “Does it really need one more?”

Then, I had a clarifying moment. I realized that in my own daily prayer life, I haven’t found one single source that fully satisfies me. At the moment, my personal daily prayer liturgy is a combination of at least 4 different resources. If nothing else, need another prayer-book that brings these resources together. If others benefit from it, all the better.

So, I’ve decided to experiment with beginning this project during Lent. Beginning tomorrow on Ash Wednesday, I’ll post a morning prayer liturgy every day. There will be some consistent elements in each liturgy, as well as particular prayers for each day of the week and some particular prayers for each week of Lent. The result will be a unique liturgy for each day. I’ll also publish some special posts throughout Lent that explain various elements and themes of the liturgies.

I’m writing these liturgies in advance and timing them to post at 5am EDT/EST each morning – hopefully early enough for anyone wanting to use these prayers. If you do use them, I would love to receive feedback either privately or in the comments section.

So, be sure to check back tomorrow for an Ash Wednesday morning prayer liturgy, and a special post that will explain the overall flow of this order for morning prayer.


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